Allah Made You As Muslim Quotes

Allah has promised that every Muslim would later be the hosts of Jannah, because Allah created us to test us in this world, Is it appropriate for us to be the hosts of jannah or not?.

This world is a place we are undergoing tests. We will be tested with wealth, poverty, sickness, health and many other things.

How do we undergo such a test, whether we will remain patient and resignation or we could end up being an apostate will determine our fate in the future.

When we become servants of Kufr moreover apostate (Nauzdubillah), we will still get into heaven but we must first redeem our sins in hell.

When we become servants of Allah are grateful and believe (InshaAllah) then heaven awaits us at the end of the age.
Allah made you a muslim because HE wants to see you in jannah. All you've to do is prove that you're worthy of it.

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