Relationship Between You And Allah Quotes Images

Allah is a substance that is full of love, Allah has created us as beings that have the highest degree.

All creatures ever created by Allah commanded to bow and prostrate to our ancestors, Adam Alaihissalam. We also have been given the privilege as managers of the earth and all its contents, but we often forget and leave the command of Allah.

We often make mistakes and committed many sins, but whether it all makes Allah hate us?. No, Allah still give so much favor to us, God still loves us whenever and wherever.

If we have many sins, for whatever our sins if we repent, then God will forgive us.

That's a real relationship, that's true love, which is pure love that can not be given by anyone, except Allah. Only Allah.
Islamic quotes images with word saying : The only relationship where you'll never have your heart broken is the relationship between you and Allah (SWT).

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